Where is the market located? 

The market is located in Downtown Waupaca on E Fulton Street, right next to the Waupaca Public Library. 102 E Fulton Street. 

What is the difference between organically grown and certified organic produce?

While large volume farmers choose to have their farms certified organic to USDA standards, small local farmers typically do not. Becoming certified organic is government regulated and has a cost and procedure that is not typically something small farmers can keep up with, nor is necessary for their purposes. 

Most of the produce at the Waupaca Farmers Market is organically grown, but not certified. 

Certified organic produce means that a farm has applied, paid for, and received a special certification from the US government, indicating that the herbs and other produce they cultivate have been grown without the use of pesticides, synthetics and chemical fertilizers and do not contain genetically modified organisms (GMO) that are not on the US governments approved list.

Organically grown means that farmers make a commitment to grow and harvest using organic methods, such as using compost that does not contain chemicals or synthetic fertilizers, using seeds and seedlings that have not been genetically modified (GMO) and by using companion planting techniques instead of pesticides. Organically grown can also include: 

  • No persistent/chemical pesticides
  • May use biodegradable pesticides that are broken down by sunlight, air, or water.
  • No commercial/chemical fertilizers, made from petroleum and other natural gases.
  • No chemical herbicides.
  • No preventative spraying