Inner Sun Flower Essence Blend
Inner Sun Flower Essence Blend

Loving Awareness

Inner Sun Flower Essence Blend

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Key Vibrational Energetics:

Awakens Inner Sun. ​Ignites spirit of vitality.​ Restores sense of connection, focus, purpose, direction. Rekindles creative spark. Encourages eager enthusiasm.

Perfect blend to help shift S.A.D. / winter blues.

Flower Essence Blend: Paperwhite, Oxeye Daisy, Stella de Oro, Nasturtium, Siberian Iris, Calendula, Goldenrod and Self Heal.

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“Inner Sun” Flower Essence Blend was inspired on one of the most frigid cold winter days in this lifetime!

Debra turned to her flower friends to ask them what we could blend together to offer support for those who are feeling the intensity of the winter blues (AKA: S.A.D. … Seasonal Affective Disorder) … something that could give those in need a renewed sense of vitality, purpose, and LIGHT from within.

Flower Love Light Power Energy was quick to respond … giving Debra the recipe for “Inner Sun” Renewable energy, sustainable from within, vibrational sunshine in a bottle, SUNshine for your soul!

This new blend supports through the challenging winter months, and continues to support by keeping us alive in our Light Within all throughout the year.

“Inner Sun” is like a Love Light HUG of SUN-SHINE! It warms our hearts, helps us rekindle our spark, enlivens our spirit of vitality, and sets a course from within that grows our eagerness for every bright tomorrow.

The flower essences in our sanctuary-co-created collection who volunteered to play super supportive roles in this blend are: Paperwhite, Oxeye Daisy, Stella de Oro, Nasturtium, Siberian Iris, Calendula, Goldenrod and Self Heal.

Each of these magnificent flower energies have their own potent power, and when combined they’re pure alchemy, just waiting to assist you in getting your inner shine on.

“Inner Sun” Flower Essence Blend can help shift:

Winter doldrums …
Low energy …
Trouble Focusing …
Feeling disinterested …
Feeling unenthused  …
Feeling down …
Feeling disconnected…

Bring some “Inner Sun” into your experience and allow the shift.

The flowers are eager to assist!