Loving Awareness Flower Essence Blend
Loving Awareness Flower Essence Blend

Loving Awareness

Loving Awareness Flower Essence Blend

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Key Vibrational Energetics:

Encourages and evokes Loving Awareness as a state of being.

Flower Essence Blend: Paperwhite, Bee Balm, Marigold, Black Eyed Susan, Queen Anne’s Lace

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Receive 4 drops in water or under tongue, set loving intention 4x per day + as needed.
You may combine this essence with others and take them at the same time, either under your tongue or in a glass of water. To make combining easier a glass is often preferred. Use a minimum of 2 to 4 oz of water, disperse 4 drops of each essence into the water as you hold your intention, swirl the glass in one direction, let it settle, swirl in the opposite direction, let it settle and drink.

Standard recommended usage is 4x per day plus as needed. (You can not over do.) Listen to your body, feelings, intuition, and take the flower essence as often as needed all the while observing with loving awareness any shifts in your experience.

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